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Hidden Paradise

The moment your eyes set on Spetses you will be love struck! This little paradise will enchant you with its no cars (5 taxis on the Island), horse carriages and bikes. A haven for families with kids looking for a sense of freedom and unparalleled security.  So much to explore by boat like Bekiri’s cave or amazing beaches Kaiki & Paradise. The old port with its restaurants and vibrant night life will please teenagers and parents alike.  Spetses can be reached by land to Kosta or Porto Heli then a 5 minute boat taxi ride, by ferries from Piraeus or by private charters.

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What You Need To Know



Our villa selections caters to all.  From a one bedroom facing the sea kind of home to a 6 bedroom mansion, tell us what pleases you and we can make it happen!



The architecture of Poseidonion Grand Hotel is reminiscent of southern France.  Spetses will enchante you with its amazing architecture, its market full of life as well as the hundreds of yachts and jet setters chilling in this magical town.



See the sea in the eyes of the local sea experts, this is why we choose the best.  Nothing compares to a water adventure whether on a yacht, luxury rib or in the most prestigious hand crafted wood Kaiki, our team will turn your day into an unforgettable one.

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