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Kerkyra City Of Resistance

City of  The Peaks

Kerkyra as the Greek call it, or Corfu, is the island that stood tall and resisted many invasions.  It is  undoubtedly a magical island that steals your breath away. From the well preserved beaches to its fortress passing through the small hidden streets nestled in this beautiful city, Corfu will surely put you under its spell, so get ready.  Our local partners are the best in their fields, from amazing restaurants that vary from Michelin stars to local exquisite tavernas, to stunning boutique hotels and the most renowned SPA hotels, Corfu has it all!  

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What You Need To Know



Our amazing partner hotels are equipped to suit your every need and desire. Private beaches or private boat days, to plunge infinity pool, nothing is impossible.  Pampering is guaranteed with the SPA that is a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury. We will offer you the best stay at the most renowned hotels with a customized service specially designed to our guests.



Amazing beaches awaits you in Corfu, One of our favorite is Mikro Nisi, with its stunning beach and amazing restaurant, it is worth the drive! so make sure to book in advance and plan one day to spend in the magical part of Corfu.



Just loose yourself in the hidden roads of Corfu's colorful town. Walk along the shore to discover the imposing Fortress built in the 15th century by the Venetians, it stands tall and welcomes visitors.  Our second "coup de Coeur" is Achillion, the castle built by Kaiser William II for his wife the empress "Sisi". The majestic palace is filled with statues from the Greek mythology and is one of a kind museum.

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