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Naxos The Fun Island

Queen of the Cyclades

The largest of the Cyclades islands, Naxos has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers. From villages perched up in the mountains with amazing hiking trails and hidden tavernas, to windy beaches perfect for kitesurfing or windsurfing, Naxos will enchant old and young alike.  Imposing mountain massifs with fertile valleys cohabits with stunning beaches and blue water. Chora, Palka & Agios Prokopios are a must!  You will find different culinary experiences in each part of the island that we highly recommend.  The scuba diving school is just amazing and a great experience to share with the kids.  One thing is for sure this island is lots of fun for adults and kids alike.

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What You Need To Know


Our luxury villas and partner hotels are in the center of a beautiful town but still  offer a private experience in a calm environment.  Up to 3master bedrooms with your own private pool, The Villa can be rented with daily service so that you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.  Our partner hotels are located steps away from the beach and the rooms style and luxury are perfectly in-tuned with the style of beautiful Naxos


Sandy golden beaches that stretch for miles, welcome to Agios Prokopios.  From Scuba diving to snorkeling, you are in the center of all water activities.  This beautiful town is not only surrounded by fun restaurants it is also steps away from Plaka and Chora.  We have partnered with amazing villas and Hotels in this area   



If the expression "leave some footprints in the sand" was meant for a place it's Plaka. Sandy beaches stretch as far as your eyes can see, leaving you at awe with the beauty of this untamed beauty.  you will have so many restaurants to choose from and "Tortuga" is for sure one of our fav in that area.  For sure Naxos has an amazing culinary cuisine and no wonder that the Naxian cheese and fries are so renowned all over Greece. 

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