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The Caribbean of Greece

Syvota and its neighboring companions are known as the Caribbean's of Greece for good reason!  The magical color of the water entwine with the lush greenery offering a spectacle of color that for an instance doesn't seem real.  We have managed to gather the best experience to discover this amazing part of Greece.     

Syros the magnificent: Services

What You Need To Know


Whether you prefer a villa or a hotel our boutique partner hotel has it all.  If we had to choose a winning pool it would be this one, tested by our experts who spent one whole day in the pool as the best pool experience! It is undoubtedly the amazing scenery surrounding this pool as well as the amazing amenities and the private all day pampering. 



Water that resembles a movie set, that is the promise of Paxos & Antipaxos. The turquoise blend with the blues to create an unforgettable shade that is so unique and gives the title of Caribbean of Greece a  well deserved description.


The port is the main feature of this town. Catamaran and other boats are there to make your journey unforgettable.  You will wake up to the sound of the waves and sail into unexplored bays only to be surprised by the Siga Siga slow and peaceful scenery that will accompany you along your journey. 

Syros the magnificent: Features
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